Thursday, October 14, 2010


I hate grapefruit. I've tried to pretend for years that I don't mind it or that I kinda like it... but it's lead to nothing good. Anyway, I ended up with a bunch of them last week and tried to pawn them off on my sister when she came to visit. Turns out, she hates them too. So, we made pancakes and stared at the grapefruits with disgust until it struck me: here I have a hot vegan butter coated pan what's the worse that could happen if I throw some grapefruit and sugar on it. So I did.... and it was wonderful (minus the whole smoke alarm going off thing). All I did was peel and chop up a grapefruit and then toss the pieces on the hot butter coated pan with maybe a tablespoon of sugar sprinkled on top. I let them brown and turned them over so each side got some heat. It was lovely- the sugar and grapefruit juice hardened into this sweet caramel-y coat and really played well with the tang of the grapefruit. YUM!

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